Here’s some favorites places in the area, and links to friends and supporters.


For local fine dining, it is tough to beat The Guest House at Lost River.

The Lost River Grill and Motel has great burgers and other tasty and well-priced entrees.   It’s right on 259 in the Lost River Valley.

On the drive to or from the barn, stop by Lost River Brewing for food and some local music.

Don’t miss stopping into the Lost River General Store while you’re out and about.  They’ve got a little bit of everything from candles, and t-shirts to a great selection of beer, plus paninis, hand dipped ice cream and the most decadent brownies.   You can also indulge in one or a few nights at their B&B, literally just a few steps from the General Store.  Go enjoy the fine art and support the artists.

Arts and Entertainment

Visit Bibi and Lulu’s art studio.  Lulu is a former 6-day racer from France who is an exceptional metal sculptor.  Bibi’s paintings and tapestries will take blow your mind.   Harriet’s stained glass art is out of this world.  You’ve just got to check it out.

Don’t forget to visit the Lost River Artisans Cooperative, filled with a range of quality items from hand thrown pottery; forged metal tools and art; fused glass; jewelery; and hand spun wool to locally made maple syrup and much more.  There’s also a museum of local artifacts on the bottom floor of the cooperative, which is in an old barn.


Is the barn booked the weekend you’re free to come out to the Valley?  Never fear, there are several other places to park yourself and enjoy Hardy County.

The Guest House

Inn at Lost River

The Lost River Grill and Motel

Lost River State Park

South Branch Inn

Lost River Modern

Friends and Supporters

We love local filmmakers Ray and Rich Schmitt Besides filming the Lost River Classic, they have a number of films covering a range of topics.

Lost River Barn features shea butter soap by Savannah Essentials.  We discovered them years ago at their Eastern Market booth and we’ve been getting their soaps ever since.